Top Ten Walt Disney Rides

By James Prestwich


During the last few years, Walt Disney World has used up millions of dollars on the up-gradation of the park. They have introduced state-of-the-art rides. Below are the top 10 rides in the Disneyworld:

o Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom): Space Mountain was built in 1975 and has always been a preferred ride amongst park guests. Just similar to a lot of other Disney rides, the excitement starts earlier than the rider enters into the coaster. A huge part of the line provides visitors an option to view the glow-in-the-dark rocket-shaped cars snaking in the region of the pathway in an absolutely dark area. The riders enjoy a rapidly moving thrill on the ride and they cannot even spot the person sitting in front of them.

o Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom): Even though this ride was built during 1980s, but it is a must-ride till today for the majority of the park guests. This ride is an easier version of rollercoaster. Riders take a tour on the train; its cars have names like U.R. Bold and I.M. Fearless.

o Buzz Light year's Space Ranger Spin (Magic Kingdom): This ride is based on the two very famous Toy Story movies; its riders happen to be affiliated with Star Command and get on a task to beat Evil Emperor Zurg. Riders get laser guns to shoot their targets.

o Peter Pan's Flight (Magic Kingdom): This ride is not thrilling but magical. The darkness of this ride makes its glowing neon scenes more prominent. Riders actually take off on pirate ships over an amusement of the movie it has been named after.

o Astro Orbiter (Magic Kingdom): This ride provides an astrophysical outlook of the Tomorrow's Land. The contest features an iron loom with the projecting planets. The rocket shaped cars get in and out of the planets that makes the ride appear to be moving much quicker than it is.

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Family Cruises - Top 10 Reasons for a Disney Cruise

By Trent Ladle


If you haven't had the opportunity you should look into family cruises. There is no better cruise line for family cruises than Disney Cruise Line. Here are my top 10 reasons for a Disney Cruise:

1. For Children Under Age 12
Every child needs to experience the magic of Disney family cruises. This is a special experience that will forever be remembered and never forgotten. A Disney Cruise is the easiest way for your child to get that special one-on-one character experience.

2. For Teenagers
The Disney Cruise offers a complete guest experience for teenage travelers. Each Disney ship has a club that is for teenagers only; this allows you to provide your teenager with a great vacation knowing that Mickey Mouse and his pals are watching out over them.

3. Family Cruises Fun for the Whole Family
Don't leave the kids behind with the Grandparents. You can send the kids to the children's program while you enjoy yourself poolside.

4. Provides Alone Time for Parents
While the kids are having a ball at the kid's clubs, there is plenty on board for Mom and Dad to do. Parents can visit the coffee shop, the pool, the health club, or the nightclub. If your kids need you, the kid's club counselors will page you.

5. Offers Fine Dining 
Food presentation is key when you eat your meals in the dining rooms of Disney family cruises. If you would rather have something less formal, have chicken fingers or hamburgers poolside. Try the adults-only formal restaurant, Palo; you won't be disappointed.

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